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Hosted Telephone Services – Cut Your Phone Bill in Half While Having Access to FANTASTIC Features!

Hosted Telephone Services

No business can operate without a telephone service, but is your traditional telephone service worth the cost?

Are you able to access high-end, enterprise-grade features to improve your communications? Does your jaw drop each month when you get the bill due to shockingly high costs?

OneSource Technology offers hosted telephone services – allowing you to cut your phone bill in half while having access to fantastic features. Call us at (316) 788-1372 or send us an email:

Do you want to improve the way you and your staff members communicate while saving significant amounts of money? Hosted telephone services are the right choice – offering fantastic features and more reliability:

  • Streamlined telephone service via the cloud – cutting your phone bill in half through eliminated long distance charges and fees.
  • Easy scalability to match your unique needs with the ability to choose your number of extensions or scope of features.
  • More mobility as a result of the ability to access your phone network in the office, at home, or on the go with your smartphone.
  • Various fantastic features, including:
  • Conference calling
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Automated phone attendants
  • Unified voice and fax messaging
  • Call recording
  • And much more!

We enjoy working with Paul, and his technicians are superior. We truly appreciate Jim and Kevin, they help keep our business computers and e-mail up and running and are always there to answer questions. I would highly recommend One Source Technology to anyone needing this type of service and we look forward to continuing our long relationship with them.”

Improve the way you communicate – without spending a ton of money. Call us at (316) 788-1372 or send us an email at

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