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Microsoft Teams Delivers Innovation and Simplicity in One App

Microsoft Teams Delivers Innovation and Simplicity in One App

With every passing day, the need for transparent and immediate communication capabilities increases.

The incredible thing is, that’s not an exaggeration. Today, modern professionals genuinely need a platform that allows for real-time communication, but most importantly in an all-in-one tool that doesn’t require the constant switching of applications that adds distraction…ultimately decreasing productivity

Microsoft, the global leader in innovative technology, offers up Microsoft Teams as the solution to this challenge. Packed with user-favorite features modern professionals actually use, Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that not only allows for real-time communication but also enforces transparent collaboration and gives users the ability to freely share files and so much more.

What Can Microsoft Teams Do for Your Business?

While there are still those who think that Microsoft Teams is pretty much a chat program, it’s far more than “just” a newer version of Skype for Business. Microsoft Teams is an impressive collaboration platform and part of the Microsoft 365 productivity suite.

Groups of modern professionals are working remotely together more than ever, depending on real-time communication to remain connected, regardless of distance, powered by innovative technology. The built-in features Microsoft Teams offers really re-defines efficiency and professional collaboration.

The Solution for Modern Professionals

Microsoft Teams gives users a clean and well-organized all-in-one solution, and for users that are familiar with Microsoft products – which is pretty much every professional alive – Microsoft Teams will be easy to learn very quickly. While Microsoft Teams isn’t for everyone, like groups not already actively using Microsoft products, the simplistic onboarding is just one of the reasons Microsoft Teams has such a following:

  1. Create a Team – choose a team name, such as the name of your business or a specific department, depending on your needs.
  2. Add Team members – individually or in groups, and internal or external team members. Microsoft Teams knows that today’s workflows involve a variety of people, including clients and vendors, and ease of communication between all parties is what keeps everything moving forward.
  3. Add Channels – these are like forums or threads, where conversations between Team members are organized by topic.

Are You Ready for Real-Time Communication?

Here’s the “real deal” – Microsoft Teams really focuses on communication enhanced by transparency, removing confusion from the equation. Microsoft Teams users have come to love features like:

  • Integration – if you’re already using the Microsoft 365 productivity app suite, this fits seamlessly
  • Chat – real-time messaging capabilities for one-on-one and group conversations
  • Meetings – Audio, video, and screen sharing features for groups of up to 300
  • Live Events – Stream audio and video for up to 10,000 attendees
  • Device-friendly – Team members can address anything on a variety of devices using mobile apps

The Bottom Line About Innovation and Simplicity

Most users try Microsoft Teams for a specific reason:

  • Integrating Microsoft Teams to support a remote team
  • Needing for a communications platform that integrates with your Microsoft 365 productivity app suite
  • Already using Microsoft 365 or other cloud services
  • Ready to reduce email volume without sacrificing communication

Highly-rated Microsoft Teams is ready and waiting for you and your team to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate.

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