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OneSource Technology Helps Kansas Surgical Arts Achieve Worry-Free IT

OneSource Technology Helps Kansas Surgical Arts Achieve Worry-Free IT

Kansas Surgical Arts is a general and cosmetic surgery practice based in Wichita, Kansas. Serving multiple areas throughout the state, Kansas Surgical Arts relies on a robust and responsive IT environment to access, update and secure their patients’ data.

Today, Kansas Surgical Arts trusts OneSource Technology to keep their IT optimized. Before partnering with OneSource Technology, however, Kansas Surgical Arts was struggling to keep their IT running properly.

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The Kansas Surgical Arts Staff Was Trying To Fix IT Problems By Themselves

Prior to working with OneSource Technology, Kansas Surgical Arts had partnered with another IT company, but they weren’t getting the level of service they needed. The practice manager would often be a bottleneck for IT-based issues, taking her attention away from other duties and concerns.

“My staff, anytime they had an issue prior to working with OneSource Technology, they would contact me and I would contact our IT department so we could get something resolved,” says Shea King, Practice Manager, Kansas Surgical Arts. “When they called in, it didn’t seem to get handled.”

Dealing with an unresponsive IT company is frustrating not only because your IT problems aren’t getting fixed, but also because you’re paying for an IT support contract at the same time.

Despite what Shea considered to be an expensive service, the Kansas Surgical Arts staff was often still trying to fix their own problems most of the time. It didn’t take long for Shea to realize they needed to find a more knowledgeable and capable IT company.

“I was looking for my IT company to have the knowledge that I don’t,” says Shea. “I don’t know enough about IT to make things work appropriately, I needed someone that could be the boss in that area, and take care of it, so we didn’t have to try to fix things ourselves.”

Kansas Surgical Arts Switched To OneSource Technology For More Cost-Effective And Responsive IT Support

“When we went to OneSource Technology, now everybody calls them or sends them an email if they have a problem,” says Shea. “OneSource Technology gets back to them and gets the issue handled and I don’t have to do any hand-holding.”

By choosing to partner with OneSource Technology, Kansas Surgical Arts managed to both reduce their IT support costs by 50% and get the expert support they always wanted. OneSource Technology simply provides a more committed and effective service, meeting with Kansas Surgical Arts’s staff on a regular basis regardless of whether they’re a specific problem or not.

“We went with OneSource Technology, and the price was much better,” says Shea. “Also, I see them on a weekly basis, whether we have an issue or not.”

It’s this dedication to ongoing communication and committed support that makes a real difference for Kansas Surgical Arts. The entire staff at Kansas Surgical Arts feels that the OneSource Technology team understands their needs and expectations, and is always working to keep their IT environment optimized.

“Communication between us and OneSource Technology has been great,” says Shea.

The Kansas Surgical Arts Staff Doesn’t Have To Worry About Their IT Anymore

“If you have something that goes down or doesn’t work, that can mess up an entire day,” says Shea. “Not only does it impact the business, but it also impacts our patients, and we can’t afford to do that to them.”

At the end of the day, the Kansas Surgical Arts staff values the service they get from OneSource Technology because it takes the stress out of IT. They don’t have to worry about technical problems stopping them from doing their jobs, or security issues putting their patients’ data at risk. They can trust that OneSource Technology is looking after it for them.

“I don’t have to worry about it, it’s not really on my plate anymore,” says Shea. “I feel very confident and comfortable.”

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