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Hosted Voice Service From OneSource Technology

OneSource Technology: Hosted Voice Service

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to your organization’s communication needs? OneSource Technology provides hosted voice services that guarantee the reliable connection that you desire.

In the early days of telephony, making a business call was not easy. You had to speak to a local operator who would, in turn, connect you to the other party. This model was slow and very expensive. Soon, many companies would start using PBX. Like little phone networks, these systems give users access to services like call transfer, conference calls, and voicemail.

They allow phones in the office to be connected to the phone network using a single set of tracks. This is way cheaper than the old ways of connecting each phone via a separate phone line.

However, PBX also has relatively high setup and maintenance costs. It takes up a lot of space and may not keep up with modern technological advances. Besides, if your business expands or grows smaller, you may end up having a machine that no longer addresses your needs.

Fortunately, OneSource Technology offers a reliable and more cost-effective alternative to the on-premise PBX.

How Does The Hosted Voice Service Work?

Essentially, we move your phone systems to the cloud; and then handle everything from maintenance to security and future upgrades. This relieves you of the acquisition and management costs. It also creates a scalable environment that grows as you grow. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on-the-go, calls can easily be redirected to one or all of your phones. In case you are not available, a voicemail is delivered to your email inbox in real-time.

What Are the Benefits to Having OneSource Doing Your Hosted Voice Service?

  • Enhanced Productivity: Your users count on an effective corporate phone system to interact seamlessly and sustain healthy collaboration. This is precisely what our hosted voice service provides; It allows your staff to connect and network using any device from anywhere, anytime. What’s more-it integrates most of the other useful tools needed to get work done, i.e., video conferencing, team chat, web fax, file sharing, voicemail transcription, unified voice, and fax messaging, automated attendant, and much more.
  • It’s Easy to Manage and Is Highly Scalable: We have a user-friendly HostPilot™ portal for managing your services, all in one place. You no longer have to guess the number of lines needed; services are ordered based on the number of users/workstations. You can always mix and match packages (Essential, Pro, or Enterprise) and scale up and down according to your changing user needs. No technician or industry expertise is needed to order additional services online. We offer packages for organizations of all sizes, industries, and sophistication levels.
  • You Will Never Miss Any Critical Business Call: Our hosted voice service rings all your endpoints (both desk phones and personal cell-phones) with every call. Your calls can also be routed to any other branch office or phone number you choose if your regular address is out of reach. For cases of complete unavailability, you can deploy an automated attendant.

To fully relish the windfalls of hosted phone services, you must partner with the right cloud communications service provider. At OneSource Technology, we are highly responsive and offer individualized hosted telephony solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Call us now at (316) 788-1372, and let’s discuss how you can leverage our hosted voice services to promote your business’s growth and success.

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